After a meeting with UEFA, the KNVB is expecting to complete the Eredivisie season by August 3.

After a UEFA meeting on Wednesday, the Dutch FA (KNVB) published a statement announcing their intent to complete their top-flight campaign.

“After intensive consultations with, among others, all affiliated football associations, leagues, and club representatives, UEFA strongly urges the season be finished and that the schedule is aligned with the rest of footballing Europe,” the KNVB statement read.

“It is hereby stated that the aim for all competitions in Europe is they’re finished before August 3. This means that the competition might have to start again in the second half of June.”

Overmars wasn’t pleased with the KNVB’s declaration, stating he felt that money was being prioritised over health and that the season should be declared void.

“The league is dead, life is more significant,” Overmars stated.

“Why would it be about money and not people’s well-being at this time? I had hoped that the KNVB would require an independent decision, but they are hiding behind UEFA.”

Overmars, who showcased for Ajax, Arsenal, and Barcelona amongst others during a decorated playing career, was especially confused because he said that TV money is much less significant to the Eredivisie as it is for other leagues in Europe.

“I have lots of difficulty understanding that,” Overmars stated.

“We in the Netherlands are not as dependent on tv rights incomes as the leagues in Spain, England, Italy and Germany are.

“I think they were put under large pressure by UEFA to keep on playing at whatever cost.”

Overmars goes on to compare the KNVB to Trump, who has at times played down the danger of the coronavirus while insisting Americans should quickly return to work to help the economy.

“I’m comparing the KNVB and UEFA with the sentiments of American President, Donald Trump per week ago when he thought the economy was more important than the coronavirus.”

With nine matches remaining in the season, Ajax are currently in first place, level on points with AZ and six points ahead of Feyenoord in third.