The minute you think that the Champions League battle couldn’t become more exciting, the remaining teams prove you wrong. Luckily enough, one of the most exciting clashes this term is taking place on the semi-final. One of them is Tottenham vs Ajax.

They’ve reached this stage by performing well-balanced and captivating football, knocking out some of the European giants along the way.

Tottenham need to stay focused on their battle for the third place in the Premier League but surely their Champions League campaign is on the agenda. Mauricio Pochettino managed to create a strong team with a clear tactical approach and it will be hard for Ajax to outplay them.

On the other side, the Dutchmen perform a high-speed football and the connection between the players is no less impressive. This has kept them in the battle for the Eredivisie title where it’s yet to be decided whether they or PSV are going to achieve it.

Both Spurs and Ajax have one of the best defensive records in their leagues and it is going to be hard to expose each other in any particular way. In this tactical analysis preview, we’re going to dive into how they could take advantage of every little gap left by the opposition and get the three points.

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